Sunday, February 27, 2011

My YearOfTechnology

Blogging, here we go. It's my very first post and the people who need to see this, won't. It's for those middle-aged reluctant folks who say, "I've lived 40 years without this nonsense, why do I need it now?" I understand. As of last Christmas, I did not even know how to text. But I said "Yes" when I really wanted to say "No." I say no to most things, which has been working for me quite well, but the world has changed and I need to change. There's New Year's Resolutions - mine is My YearofTechnology. I will say yes to learning all there is to know in the Star Trek techno Rectangle World.

In two months, I have pretty much surpasessd most of my middle-aged friends in that I can take their picture and attach it to their number. And, as someone said, "I ain't that old, of course I know how to text! These were the people who have been "talking stink" about me because I didn't even have a cell yet. What do you have to say now?

The down side, I've become one of those people - I'm at church today and my phone chirps. Luckily, I have it on chirp mode as a ring instead of AC/DC or something. The chirp is the only thing that makes me like the phone. Forty years ago I got a phone call at two a.m. telling me my best friend died. That rining sound of the phone, ring pain to me. My aversion to phones is long lived. Chirp mode makes me happy. Ringing in church, now, not good. So, of course, I pretended that it was the lady next to me who is just too rude for words. But it's my sister calling saying, "Where the Hell is the picture of me you said was posted on Facebook?"

Mainly, this blog is not really going to be about technology. And I'd like it to be for kids - my dream of being a children's author is the aim. I'm going to post a lot of photos, mixed-media art and all things books, mostly adventure books or JunkArt. But, I'm starting here because I'm saying Yes to technology, and so the journey begins. I have never even read a Blog. ouch. yeah. Where have I been? I've read magazines on blogs. I love magazines. Love books.

The Facebook thing has opened my world and made me ten years younger. I'm chit-chatting with famous authors, I've befriended people at Petersen Publishing (where I used to work) that I haven't spoken with in thirty years. Some are going to visit me - all kind of stuff I'll share here. But for now, I need to learn how this dern thing works to post. Until tomorrow.