Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Five from my Desk Drawer: Headstrong Chicken

Alas, you see that I can't be stopped from making these nutty books. And, if David Wiesner or Brian Lies wants to draw any of my lovelies, that would be pretty cool. Inanycase (this should be one word), here we go with Book Number Five hidden in My Desk Drawer:

Driving to the store, Grant sees a sign. 
"I want a Chicken! I want a Chicken! Pllllleeeeassssse! cries Grant.

 "No!" says Mom.
Caterwauling ensues.

"Well, okay, there's no harm in looking," says Mom.

 Unless, of course, they fall over the ancient muddled treasures.

 "I love all these cute babies," cooes mom.
"That'll be $634 dollars in cash," grumbles the curmudgeon.

 "There's The ONE!" declares Grant.
"Sold!" The man snatches Mom's twenty and doesn't give change.
Hmm, but that looks like a scavenger escaping over a rusty fence.

 Mom doesn't feel the love for this yellow-eyed tick-filled,
 mangy, four Adam's-appled beast with an unusual sinus condition.

 "Look, isn't she lovely," Grant shows his Father.
"Hmm, a bit scrawny for a chicken?" mutters Dad.

"I'm wondering if it is even a chicken?" whispers Mom.

 Mucus wants to be a member of the family.

 Mom does what she knows best - feed her children corn.

But, corn leads to some unsettling droppings.

Taking the pet on a walk solves the problem until they 
bother large women in even larger hats.

Nevertheless, having a pet of one's own is true bliss. 

 Mucus is gifted with a great tennis serve.

 Can't fault her for that.

 Grant adds the eggs to his other hidden treasures.

 However, Mom thinks it best for Mucus to be an Outside pet.

 Chickenerwauling ensues.

 Well, then, okay. Let's go to the library and read-up on what makes a creature happy.

 Mucus plays soccer while she waits.
This is something the Librarian has never read about.

 Mom discovers in Children's Literature that rabbits, mice and chickens
require vests, antique timepieces and other European ensembles to be happy.

 However, even cashmere and pearls don't erase indelicate droppings.

 Mom returns the thing without asking for a refund.

Not to worry, Headstrong Chickens are resourceful. 

 Dads can take care of things a little more delicately than Moms.

 Poor poor orphaned Mucus. Stuck at a Dog Pound.
Not to worry, though, she's wearing the latest all-weather frock.

Plus, she knows that back Home is the best place to work on her Golf game. 

Family, is what you make of it.

Driving to the store, Grant and Mucus see a sign.
"I want an Alpaca! I want an Alpaca! Pllllleeeeassssse! cries Grant.

"Well, okay, there's no harm in looking," says Mom.

Of course, this chicken story will have to be a Trilogy - I think Mucus
needs to meet her Father (he's a little scary).
And, how well will Grant and Mucus get along with the Alpaca?