Friday, June 10, 2011

Impossible Book Serendipity

It happened again today. Impossible Book Serendipity.

I don't know if anyone else has Impossible Book Serendipity or it's just me. I'm driving around town enjoying Yard Sale Friday. I'm thinking, I'll go to Hastings later today to buy Nancy Werlin's books. I need to read them before our next Friends of the Linebaugh meeting to perhaps pitch an idea of bringing someone like her to the library. It's time we cater to teen authors.
     I'm searching through boxes of books with not too much there that suits me. The seller asks what do I like to read. Well, I read everything so this is a long answer, but I say, "ah, modern fiction."
     She says, "great, I have more in the house."
     She walks back out with a nearly-filled boxed set of Twilight and then she hands me Nancy Werlin's book Impossible. Oh come on now, that's impossible!
     I attempt to not be ecstatic because that could drive up the price. She's charging only fifty cents apiece. She also has the giant version of The Fountainhead. This is a thick fabulous $20 tome. My husband is reading the counterpart, Atlas Shrugged. So, now he's got more work ahead of him.

      This isn't the first time that I've thought a book title (or even an item) and then, there it is.

     A friend of mine posted tons of Dr. Who clips on Facebook. I'd never heard of it. So, I went to the BBC channel and watched the DW marathon. Three days later I find all of these on the clearance shelf at Hastings, $2.50 a piece.

Last week, I'm reading the latest copy of Somerset Studios. One of the articles gushes over artist Sabrina Ward Harrison and  her book Spilling Open. Never heard of it. I walk into McKays bookstore and what do I find. Yes, Spilling Open. This book was published in 1999. Obviously had to buy it.

It is an inspiring artsy book.

I saw the exquisite book Writers Houses in a magazine.
I had to have it. I tried ordering and ordering but nobody can find it. Obscure Out of Print.

To calm my nerves after a miserable doctor's appointment, I went to BookWoman bookstore in Nashville. There's Writers House resting on top of a box of books. The seller hadn't even priced it yet. Due to my ecstatic trembling hands, I paid more for it, but luckily had some credits left to offset the difficulties.

Vintage Vavoom, I will keep forever because it's the same scenario as Impossible. I saw a write-up for this book in a magazine. Thinking of ordering it later in the day, I walk up to a yard sale and there it is for $1. Vavoom!

When I worked at the Berry Company, a coworker was reading a Quantum Leap novel. I didn't even know they made novels of my former favorite show. So, I tried to find them at any bookstore. Nobody carried them. 

I visit this crowded odd bookstore (no longer exists) to see if anything is new. There in the Sci-Fi section is every Quantum Book written, and also an expensive flower book I'd just seen in a magazine.  Bought it all

Does Book Serendipity happen to anyone else?

There's more. It's happened with these books too.
Looking for book selections  for the Linebaugh Book Group, The Guernsey hadn't even come out in paperback yet, and there it is at a yard sale for a $1. What are the odds in that? The Finlker just came out in paperback and yep, there it is.

     I get a call from a library pal and she is in search of book number two to the Pendragon Series. What? Never heard of it. Does it have to do with King Arthur? I don't mind that stuff either.
     A few days later, I see a stack of some great looking kids books called Pendragon. Better get them. There is the coveted number two in the series here for my pal. The seller is charging a dollar a piece. Well, balancing them all on my left arm, buying her out, we might have to work out an even better deal. I'm also wrestling them away from another library friend who shows up.
     Went home, read, and LOVED the entire series. Gave my pal number two. So impressed with it, wrote the guy a letter. (It was tougher to find authors back then, you had to research it at the library or send letters to publishers). I found Sid Fleischmann this way!
     Both these men wrote me back the sweetest letters. They both came to town and spoke at the library.

My few days spent with them, having lunch, touring our lovely town, and hearing them speak, was magical.

Hobey Ho! 

Magazines are connected to all of this. Especially Victoria.

I read it on a Thursday, see a photo of this artistic end-table where you can put displays inside like a shadow box. Wow. nice. I'd love to have that.

Friday, yard sale, there is coffee table just like it. Hand-made. $20. Really!

If you think to yourself - "She's really cheap."

Well, I have to be I'm a housewife, mother, writer and you know there's NO money in that.
I do share finds. The struggling used bookstores get bags of good stuff. My bookgroup friends get my finds.  The Help, I've been picking up all over town.

As I explain this to my family, I look at that one missing book Breaking Dawn that goes to the $83 boxed set she sold for $1.50.  Finding it shouldn't be impossible.