Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Calling Country Living Magazine Pages

There's no secret that I LOVE magazines! My dream job was once working at Petersen Publishing in Los Angeles. But now, I live in the country, well it used to be country until all these people moved here. They say Nashville gets 100 new residents a day! shsssh.  
Country Living Magazine hosted their annual Country Living fair in
Lebanon, Tennessee, just twenty minutes from our house. I've missed it in the past, so bound and determined to make it there this year. 
There was an awesome demonstration on how to make an old-fashioned looking library cabinet inexpensively. Then they sang and played guitar afterward (only in Tennessee).
A library cabinet display in a booth that costs more, but it's an antique that's been nicely painted.
Throughout the fair grounds are great displays.
White paint everywhere is popular.
Cute names of all the shops and booths.
Great bookish displays to inspire my next display at the
Re-Invintage closet where I sell some of our art.
It's nice to see that Country Living is a place where Cat Art is Popular!
Cat Art is more prevalent than you might think.
Mimi didn't care for the bird art, but I loved it. This one was sooo cute.
If I had more money, I would have bought it.
Great displays give us new inspiration.
A good sign to STOP for lunch.
One single portion of chicken and cheese nachos can feed three people.
It's nice to see bingo cards and other ephemera.
With inspiration from the Country Living fair, Mimi and I
get busy making some new art and other projects for the closet.
Zaney gets busy on some more vintage looking journals.
There is bike parking outside Re-Invintage, how country is that.
Mimi Cat Art looks good there in the closet.
Self portrait in an antique mirror of one of the other vendors.
The other vendors at Re-Invintage are Country Living outstanding!
I really, really want those hands!
Shadow of cool ephemera.
Terry Lea fixes an outside display, hoping that some day her and Sherry Brown's shop
make it onto the pages of Country Living Magazine.
Terry and Sherry, maybe some day y'all can make it -  as for me, I've already made the cover!
But, what is that horse doing in my living room?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Re-Invintaging A Closet

In a great log house across from Old Tyme Pottery on River Rock in Murfreesboro, some talented artists Sherri Brown  and Terry Lea opened a new store creatively named Re-Invintage. They love painting and re-inventing cool vintage furniture and finds.

Sherri asked us (Me, Mimi and Zaney) if we wanted to get involved. Maybe sell some of our cool leather journals in one of the unique spaces still available - a closet. It seemed perfect and not as much pressure in trying to fill too big of a spot for our particularly unique vision.

The gals got to working on sprucing up the closet.
They also repainted two floors of space.
A much needed lunch break.

In the meantime, we got busy making unusual sparkly stuff,

more amazing leather journals,

funky bits with game pieces and Dean Martin photos.

Who wouldn't want to buy a vintage re-purposed Brownie Camera Pencil Holder with Jerry and Sam in the first Selfie taken?

They got the name out there.

Made some more improvements.

Friends and customers came and shopped!

Zaney designed some new items.

The closet will have new stuff every couple of weeks. So, if you see it now, better grab it, because it will be gone. Vintage coat, cat art, giant pencil, wind chime.

Zaney says there will always be a Zaney Fan! But what about that YKNOT?

The rest of the store is AMAZING!

and we love our closet.

So come to Rutherford County and check out Re-Invintage, especially the closet. I'll be there usually on Wednesday afternoons if you want to chat about upcycled leather journals or art journaling or cats.

Don't think Zane gets all the credit. Mimi on a Shelf is available too.