Monday, April 29, 2013

On the Right Rusty Track with Mike Wolfe

When Mike Wolfe announced  a Book Signing in the Antique Archeology Nashville store, we had to go. My two favorite things combined - Books and Junk
Add a third, Mike Wolfe.
Well, and a fourth - I love Nashville.
And a fifth, my kid went with me.
His latest book: Kid Pickers

It seemed like the perfect fit to have the King of Junk sign the Metal Junk Journal
that I made at the Art-Is-You Retreat.
He liked it so much he showed it to Lauren Wray (who is also on the show).
He said that if I made more, they could sell these in the store.

When you make something, all you see are mistakes like the silver metal is too
heavy and the corners need to be rounded off, etc. 
But, then I thought, if Mike Wolfe likes my Junk Journal, maybe I'm on the Right Rusty Track.
 Nevertheless, it's the signature in the middle of the book that completes it.
 And yes, Friends of the Linebaugh, I did ask him to speak and do a book signing at the library.
You don't ask, you don't get.
But, he was a bit confused by my ATC (Artist Trading Card) as a business card though.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pun with Michael deMeng

On the second day of the Art-Is-You Retreat in Nashville, I toured the other classes to see what they were working on and also to get my books signed by Michael deMeng.
I was intimidated to knock on their door and bother them. 
Because these artists work with teeth
and skulls,
 and quills. Okay, I have to admit that's pretty cool.
Don't look Gifted Artists in the mouth (pun about the teeth).
They were quite friendly.
She combines a sweet merry-go-round horse with a gnarly human skull and adds a screw in it's forehead. Perhaps that's why unicorns didn't make it on the Ark.
Nevertheless, the tools are cool and so is the Mixed-Media Art.

Dawna Kinne Magliacano wears her (he)art on her sleeve (another stupid pun).
I meet Michael deMeng and he didn't bite.

Thanks to:
One of my sponsors!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Metal Relic Journals Can Be Everything

I've day-dreamed about attending Art-Is-You Retreats,  knowing it would never happen. These retreats are not cheap and then add airfare, hotel and food. Forget it, not in our check book. But I did sooooo want to gooooooo. It's not just learning how to make all this cool stuff, and take art to the next level, and earning credentials, I also wanted to meet these fabulous artists like Rice Freeman-Zachery and Pam Carriker.
Then I saw an ad in Where Women Create,
Art-Is-You comes to Nashville, thirty minutes from home. 
You can't do anything without Friends. The Friends of the Linebaugh, where I've been a board member and former President, offered to be a partial sponsor in exchange for some Craft Workshops at the Library and bits of blogging and Facebook time for them. Well, of course, I'd love to do that and I'd even add in hundreds of photographs to boot.
My fingers couldn't type fast enough to figure out which sessions are more amazing than the next.
What would a Bookist Attend?
Leighanna Light had me at Relic Journal. The Archivists' Relic Workshop was a one-day class but really needs to be two, and I think Leighanna is looking into making it two.

Look at her Journal.
Of course, I had to make one. I was sooooo excited, I woke up at 5 a.m. drove to Nashville, sweating through traffic and getting lost, rolling my cart full of requested tools around the lovely enormous hotel.

When I find the right room, it's heaven. The place smells like glue and paint, and is filled with stencils, heat guns and heavy metal tools.

Earl Zachery, Rice Freeman-Zachery's husband stops in our class to take photographs. They are working on an Art Retreats book. Rice has five books published (we'll get to his cool pants in another blog). But, Earl, please feel free to put me in "that there book" of yours.

We learned the lovely art of Gesso over stencil and then ink the Watercolor Paper. This will definitely be part of one of the session I do at the Linebaugh library. It's fast and easy and makes a "right perdy" picture in a short amount of time. 
The most important thing I learned - It's pronounced Jesso!
What a rookie to come in saying G-esso.
But then, these teachers keep saying "You Guys." I had to correct them, it's "Y'all"
My watercolor-pages represents the story of a sunrise after a big storm.

 Another artist's beautiful stencilled pages ripped  to size.

Leighanna Light came all the way from Taos New Mexico. I told her some of the cool places to see while in Nashville like the Parthenon and the American Pickers Antique Archeology store. She found a relic of her own though.

Leighanna Light is a very patient teacher. I was comfortable with the glue and paint, but was nervous about using heavy metal punchers. Perhaps, we could skip that part and just glue it down?

She talked me through it!
Clamping, punching, banging, hammering, popping holes with strong tools. Yikes, This is where we could have used another day. This is a classmate's book - I love it!

I'm thrilled to finish one. Next time though, I'd change to a less shiny and lighter metal, but I do like the rusty plate on the top layer and the old ink quill. Can't wait to go Yard Saling and finding cool flat pieces of metal now that I know what to look for.
Some of Leighanna's Bird Work. 
Please, please, please, can I take this class too!
Alas, it's not to be, there are only so many days for the retreat and so many art dollars.
And, the next day I'm scheduled for Pam Carriker's Busting Out!
OMG, pinch me.
Well, not when I'm holding this treacherous metal punchers.  
Enough Said.