Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cannonsburgh Village's Rusty Gold

Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro Tennessee is an Historic Place filled with Rusty Gold.
Even more so today since they roped off the street for a Community Yard Sale.
Artists sell their wares. Teapot Lamps - Very cool.

My sister and her Professor friends hold up the book they bought me.
But, I don't get it until Christmas. I'm sure they collectively paid fifty cents for it.
However, I really like it.

Speaking of Friends. Two of my pals from the Friends Board at the Linebaugh Library
sell treasurers to support the good works done at Cannonsburgh Village.

Aren't we cute.
Of course we always look at books. Fifty cents is the going rate.

What I had the good sense Not to Buy!
Walking massage boots probably from the 70s.
What I did buy!
A hockey-stick paint brush and a bucket of paints.
This is to get ready for Art is Life Workshop in Nashville on April 4th.
The Friends of the Linebaugh is a partial sponsor.
Painting and Gluing is coming this Summer to the Linebaugh.
Tell all Your Friends.

There's only One Question left:
To Mike Wolfe: "Now that we've picked this Rusty Gold - what do we do with it?"
And, I suppose if I paint it, it decreasing the value.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Children's Authors Visit the Triangle Library

For those who have entered the Triangle Library
- I've tidied up some.
Some Fabulous Children's Authors that have seen this in person (alphabetical order):
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Mary Casanova
Sid Fleischman
Amy MacDonald
D.J. MacHale
Kerry Madden
James A. Owen
Suzanne Fisher Staples
Marc Talbert
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb
It's still Mimi's hideout, but it's getting crowded (and this was after I'd straightened it up).

We still have the Cheating Dog paraphernalia, Martin and Lewis collection, Decorating books, and yes, the Political Dolls (Obama, Clinton and McCain were a $1 yard sale find). I switched the bamboo triangle shelf to the railing-side to open up the floor space (so, all you lovely children's authors can come back - there's plenty of room, and books, to read here). Mimi says it's okay. The giant stack of Children's Picture Books is behind the chaise.
As far as Mimi's political views - she takes one of the dolls in the middle of the night and brings it down the spiral staircase. That's how you know she's voted.
Chaise, rug, bamboo furniture, all came from yard sales.  Art Abdinor built the bookshelf.

Where my treasures lie: The drawing and photo is signed by Jerry Lewis!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ask Mimi anything?

Yes, I'm quite a studious artist, working hard on the latest Hardly book.
Please ask me anything.
Go ahead, don't be bashful.

Ha ha! Now that's a dumb question!
Oh, sorry, did I LOL at you.