Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Work in Progress


"I can't look, is he sticking his tongue out at me again?"
"He's just jealous because, of course, we are drawing this book about me."
"I'm Not on the Cover?"

We do want this work to be great.

"Just a few changes here and there. I'll let you know how it goes."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Coloring Book or Bust!

BLOG Resolutions
Coloring Book or Bust!

The 2011 New Year's Resolution was to learn technology Against My Will. Well, I did that a bit and found it to be enjoyable. The plan was to prove the Universe of Technology wrong and that we  all could go back to the old ways, go outside and get some fresh air instead of staring at a computer screen. I still get a bit of fresh air, but now I also connect with a bunch of cool folks on Facebook, and all the thousands of my photographs have somewhere to go other than stuffed in a desk drawer.

Speaking of the Desk Drawer, in 2012, the resolution was to post 12 of my children's books (one a month) on this blog. Did that, even though some months got tough closing in on the deadline. Turns out, imposed deadlines are a good motivator.

So what's 2013's Resolution? How about, To Get Something Published! How I'll accomplish this goal, I have no idea. It would take someone to believe it me for sure.

There is the United Publishing House here in Nashville, and I'm hoping to propose my Coloring Book Idea to them. I'm already imaging going to my church and see Four-Year-Olds squealing about my Cat Drawings, coloring them in, and to possibly remember something about the loveliness of Church and Family in a humorous way.

I've been telling people about my little idea and so far there has been a nice response. My Crafting Friend Mary Kovach is In Love with the Idea. Both her and my Library Pal Carlton Miller have offered up possible contacts. Yes, I'll be glad to meet up with anyone who might see the vision.

It seems like Destiny. Growing up in a large family, there was always so much commotion, which could overwhelm me. I'd find a heavenly spot in the sunlight with my Crayolas and Coloring Books until somebody interrupted, Yelling, Where am I? Then, I'd be forced to put it away and play Pinochle or watch tv. There has never been a time that I didn't love to Color.

When my son was little, so he wouldn't make noise at St. Mark's United Methodist Church, I drew these cat images on the envelopes. The top picture would be something like the candles on the podium, and when you flip the flap it became a cat. At first it was Callie, our beautiful Calico who we adored. She's since passed away and we have two new cats who are equally as photogenic, I draw them. They have Flat Faces and Giant Eyes, pure breeds, a Scottish Fold and a British Short Hair.

Our Miss Nancy at our church has St. Bark's in her sermon for the children. I love it, but didn't want to copy with a St. Larks or something, so, I made my Methodist Cats from Algood United Methodist Church.

There is actually and Real Algood United Methodist Church in Tennessee, and I like the expression it makes, as in "It's All Good."

Come On Little Happy Book - Let's Find a Publisher!
Preferabley the United Methodist Publishing House in Nashville!
Good Luck.