Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bookish Wedding Reception


He's a Professor, she's a Doctor, so why not have a very Smart Wedding Reception 

Pages from the books they've both love turned into flowers. Book flowers tossed everywhere like confetti. Sharpie and colorful cards to give tips to the young couple.

My friend Melanie Howell, Interior Decorator, and Mother of the Bride, designed all this. When she needed some cheap inspiration for a display cabinet, that's when she pulled out a dresser drawer, cleaned it and turned it upside down.

The lining is made of book pages as well.

All Quite Smart and Elegant.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Book Crush: Robert Lopshire

We didn't get many nice thing when we were kids, but somewhere along the line (my sister Susie or Ruthie probably bought it for me), I got a copy of Robert Lopshire's Put Me in the Zoo. I read and re-read this book, studying every picture.
I really worried about this girl and how was she going to get those spots off her or if she would be stuck like that forever. And this huge yellow bearish creature was so likeable.
When I was a teenager, I'd rest my hand to my chin and dream that some day I would paint on my own wall (It was never possible because we always rented and moved frequently and my parents didn't encourage art).
When we bought our house, I painted my Yellow Friend on the wall to watch over
my Son while he slept.
But what is this bear's name?
And, who is Robert Lopshire?
Google says Lopshire was born in 1927 and they show his various books.
The books are associated with Dr. Seuss.
Is Robert Lopshire, Doctor Seuss (Theodore Geisel) or is he a real-live other person?
Doctor Seuss is on the wall as well.
This will probably be painted over soon, because my son is a teenager now
and he'll do whatever he likes to the room.
So far, we haven't the heart to get rid of them.
The day I painted the Cat on the wall, my son was in a little bouncer, asleep,
like Mimi (the cat who would never wear a hat) is here.
From baby to Playgroup. We met up with other children on Wednesdays.
To spice things up, I devised a Put Me in the Zoo Day!

It was a box full of Spots! Coloring Pages. 
We  threw around the spots like Confetti on New Year's Eve.
Played Spotscotch (Hopscotch).
The red one is a Giant Spot where the kids could all sit in the circle
for Spot, Spot, Seuss (Duck, Duck, Goose).
When in a cleaning spells, we've almost thrown this out a few times, but just couldn't do it.
Perhaps, I should actually enhance it, paint a better box, more interesting spots, etc.
More than anything, I want to create a book like
Put Me in the Zoo.
So, who is Robert Lopshire, and what is this
Yellow Spotted Guy's name?
If anyone looking at this Post knows
Please Comment and let me know.
I'll keep searching as well.
It does seem like Dr. Seuss' alter ego?
This stuffed Cat in the Hat is dated from 1979.
A real find at a yard sale for ten cents!
The Lopshire Dotted Guy is from Kohl's a few years back.
When I saw him, as Mike Wolfe says, "Had to have it!"
The tag from Kohl's says Put Me in the Zoo - Dog.
So, is he a dog?
Bear, dog? He's like a Unicorn, a breed all his own.