Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Ten From my Desk Drawer: Altered Angels

We all like Scrabble.
Except, when one of us takes over an hour to use a  trumped-up word like Quaz to get triple letter points scoring over 345 at midnight.
Cold days like these put me in my Studio (the messy garage with a bunch of cool stuff).

I found a Children's Book at a yard sale for a quarter.
It's in the shape of an Angel with wings. It spoke these words, 
"This looks just like your sisters and niece, why don't you decoupage their faces
and then paint the rest?"

Some faux feathers got attached to the wings.

Added some pictures that describes the person.
In this case, my Sister Joan likes tennis, Wizard of Oz, and scrapbooking her son and rellies.
She also dressed as Miss Liberty recently.

That Niece is all about Books, and an old picture of her dad was sitting there, so I added it.

Sister Ruth likes cooking, fashion and reading, a lot.
Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby, so the words come from F. Scott.

Sister Sue was the Best Teacher on the Earth,
likes to dance (she'll snap her fingers and start dancing ANYWHERE!),
and of course loves her daughter, books and Scrabble.
Then there's me - Love the kid, tennis, art and fun magazines and BOOKS.

There you have us.

Not perfect, quite crabby, especially if you put up some fake word. Or you add
Almond to Brothers thinking that's a nutty band.

Back in the day (DISCO), we were once Perry's Angels,
but that's another story.