Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creating with Cake

"Sure, there may be better photos, better novels, better artist - but we mustn't let self-doubt or discouragement prevent us from creating." Alicia Rasmussen from Artful Blogging magazine.
Recently, I had the best opportunity to attend Art is You Retreat in Nashville. After an entire day of learning and working on an art project, they held "Cake and Create" in the evening. There was no telling what that meant exactly, but it sounds right.
We started at the bar, I suppose to get everyone in a creative mood. Veronica Goff sat beside me and showed me her metal necklaces and I showed her my metal journal and told her how much I love journals and books of any kind, and that I am Naieva Bookist. In that case, she digs in her bag and gives me her ATC (artist trading card), and it's a BOOK! An extremely well-craft book that I can't even imagine doing. It opens up and has pages and everything.


It was intimidating by how nice it was. Nevertheless, they did mention CAKE and when it was time we went to the class.

The cake fork goes on the left, the larger brush beside it, and the smaller paint brush goes on the right. Or is that the other way around?
Sue Pelletier led the way.
Everyone else did a great job.
Mine was quite crappy so I Gessoed over it, but I won't be discourage
and will try again, since I am a Warrior Artist.