Friday, February 24, 2012

Last Day at the Old McKay's Bookstore

Saturday February 25th, 2012 is the last day, ever, at McKay's Bookstore in Nashville.
 It was crying to be photographed one more time before it all went away.

 They have their own small shopping carts which usually gets filled.

 The processing system is efficient for such an enormous turnover of books. The store is always jam-packed with books and customers.

 Old records line the wall. I donated Dean Martin covers so it would be complete. We'll see if they have a wall like this at the new location.

 Foot-steps on the Linoleum lead you to the desired genre.

 Rows and rows of all this magnificence.

You peek to see if your number comes up on the screen.

Very Green - unloved items end here. Someone always snags it.

Amazing books on the shelves - obviously - my buddy D.J. is here.
 What do you suppose will happen to the single arch?

Some of the Lovelies acquired on the last day:
It's a 2012 Book!. Wouldn't it be nice to make money?
I've acquired other ATCs -  plan to make some.

Mr. Boyle is coming to town in March - so, I must prepare.
Gotta love some Kid Sci-Fi for $6 each, and there is the complete set. 2011 American version.
 Love this as much as photographing American Oddities.

Just some funky cool. Reminds us of our photo-ops on vacation.
We found every single bear this Michigan town had to offer.
Watch out kid is he licking his chops to eat you?
Not sure about this one?
A well-read bear.

So, you see why that book appealed to us.

These are the books that inspire us, but I guarantee that you will find something.
Grand Opening of the new store is in a couple weeks. You know, I'll be there and with my camera.


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