Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Six from my Desk Drawer: Altered Art Tennis Journal

The Tennis Art Journal Palette.

 When I showed my Brother-in-Law my Tennis Art Journal, he said,
"You sure do have a lot of time on your hands."

Uh, Thanks.
Well, if I don't watch so much TV, I have more time to be creative.

However, with Wimbledon starting, the living room looks like Command Central.

 My Tennis Art Journal.

 I started this one several years ago on family road trips to tennis tournaments.
My son is 15 and plays in tournaments throughout the South.

 At the Big tournaments with those other guys,
I take photographs of my favorites.
Fernando, my number One, retired, and Hewitt is about to retire,
so I'll have to look around for another.
Melzer anyone?

 My son has grown up through this Journal.

 Anything is game to be Art.

 Signed cards get Clue Game pockets.

 Ticket stubs are saved.

Notice, some famous folks come to his tournaments.

Epic events that inspire.
Perhaps, I'll try for Isner and Mahut autographs.

I'm seeing a lot of road between Tennis events.

The marvelous David Ferrer autographed this.
I use my own photograph, decoupage, and then paint.

This page is a combination of a Federer post card, his own stamp,
and one of my photos (the overhead slam).

 Robin Soderling signed this book upside down, 
so I built a page around the signature.

 Tickets and pockets are good additions.

Tennis tips.

I've also been photographing Tennis Balls as Art.
I may decoupage this to canvas and then paint, when I find more time.

These are just a few - I've got Hundreds!
There is a lot of down time waiting for matches.

 Perhaps my Brother-in-Law is right though,
and I shouldn't be doing this Art.
Because, this is where someone else's work 
ended up - in a public bathroom.

So, I might as well watch some more TV.
Go Maria!

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