Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Twelve from the Desk Drawer: Life of a Tennis Ball

The sky went from heavy massive black clouds, downpour and wind which made the front of my head throb so bad if I sat up, I'd throw up. This happens when the weather does abrupt change. The good news - I devised an entire picture book while lying there with the back of my hand on my face.
The Book:
The Life of a Tennis Ball!
Now that the headache has subsided, out to the drawing board! It makes me giggle.
Note: This blog is temporary out of order to add more photographs. But, I'm setting up some time in January to learn more about blogs from the Technician at the Linebaugh Public Library.
Also, We'll be adding a Friends of the Linebaugh Blog for the Linebaugh Public Library.

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