Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Joy of Cooking Up Books

My husband does the taxes because he's the Master's degree in Economics guy. Impressive, yes, but he can't find the mayo and he reads only dude books like Clive Cussler.
My hand (and soul) cringes when asked to write Housewife as occupation on the form. To me that's something you just do like taking out the garbage, not something one aspires to be. Trying to tell my son that yes, I was an Editorial Production Manager once and an Advertising Designing, I didn't just make him dinner and clean the floor. On the other hand, I'm grateful that someone still wants me after all these years.

 Just mentioning this because it leads to my unconventional methods of being a Housewife.
For instance, wax paper is used to keep artwork from sticking together instead of whatever it's suppose to be used for (don't actually know).
And what exactly is the black metal thing? It is either a hamburger press or something to use for flooring? In either case, it also is put to use for flattening artwork.
I wash the car in the rain so I don't have to drag out the hose. It looks crazy to the neighbors but it is a very Green thing to do. Saves money, water and time. And, it actually works.
The last time I ironed it was to iron out a crinkled page in a book.
The Joy of Cooking book is happy to be used as a press to keep journals flat while the glue dries.

"You got a problem with that?" Zane Grey Graalman
So, is this what's for dinner?
No, I still manage to put something on the table for dinner since I have to eat anyway.
But, "We're running late tonight, honey, because I'm writing this Blog! Be there in a minute!"

Just recently, a friend saw my books, boxed them up and carted them off and put them in a store!
This makes my husband glad, for he's not typical either, he'd love for me to Not be a Housewife and make some money again.



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