Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Publix Possum Awareness

Plastic, paper or the cloth (that I forgot at home)? Did you want a bag? Last year, on Earth Day, Siegel Middle School kids made drawings on large brown Publix bags. They're cute, so I said yes to paper. Why did the paper bags have to go away in the first place?

I love Kid Art. And they stuffed my groceries in these bags.

I could maybe do something with these, decoupage, bookmarks or just hang them in the art studio.

Curious to see the kids work, I peruse the stack, and tell him to put that possum one in my bag, I really like it.  That kid's work has some flavor.

The opossum looks happy. The others are napping?

Yes, this guy is a fine fellow.

Playing possum.

They will be happy if we recycle.

Who would draw Possums? Kind of funky, odd.

I put the groceries away, pick my kid up from school. He goes in the kitchen for a snack, sees the possum bag lying on he table, holds it up and says, "Mom, you've got mine!"
"No, way! Are you kidding me?"
"Get Out!"
"The Opossum one?"

I actually asked for that one!"

Well, what do you know.

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