Monday, July 25, 2011

Old Folks Meet New Technology!

As far as I know, Moshi Moshi means hello in Japanese. There is a trademark on this product  name. So, just wondering, how can you trademark Hello? Nevertheless, I've been telling anyone who is willing to listen - to check it out. There aren't many people who ever do listen to me, so that's when I just speak LOUDER!

The Moshi Moshi is funny for the older set, but the young may like it as nostalgic good as a Dean Martin song.

I'm sure other old folks have similar cell-phone questions. Where the heck do you talk into it? Where do you listen from? I'm constantly flipping the cell phone open, turning the volume up, mostly put on speaker (loud). This means everyone hears what I have to say even if they aren't listening. The Moshi Moshi plugs right into the cell phone and you know exactly where to listen and talk. It's lightweight, but still clogs up the purse.
Old Folks meets New Technology. The Moshi Moshi is an old-fashioned looking headset that attaches to a cell phone.

I hate talking on the phone. That whole business of WOMEN always chatting on the phone for hours is nonsense. State your business and get off is how I've been. But, I'm embracing change.

I'm at Hastings Bookstore, waiting in line for my son to make his purchase, and pull out my Moshi Moshi to order a pizza. Folks around me are chuckling. When I'm done with the conversation, some ask, "Where'd you get that?" The only place so far that I've seen it is at Stein Mart. The next question, "Does it work?" Some say I sound a bit muffled on the other line. But, this could be a lesser connection from where I'm standing. The cell phone does that as well. And, "Is it expensive?" In my book, it is expensive - $30.
     Some guy says, "Every attachment for a cell phone is $30."

Personally, I like waiting for technology to get old, and then find it for fifty cents at a yard sale. But, in my YoT (year of technology), I am now the first one on our block to have the latest thing and that's something to talk about. It may go the way of the Beanie Babies, but that's okay, I'm having fun now and I know from where I speak.

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  1. Oooh I love this! Such a fun thing to have lying around in you bag. It'll be a great conversation starter for sure.
    BTw, thanks for dropping by my blog last week!