Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cover of the Rolling Stones! Uh, Murfreesboro Magazine.


Who doesn't want to be on a cover?
Maybe just Oprah, because she's sick of doing so many.
Here is a Recent Post from Murfreesboro Magazine:
Don't miss your opportunity to nominate someone who is beautiful inside and out ...for Murfreesboro Magazine's upcoming Most Beautiful People issue! The last day for nominations is August 12.​engine/YourSubmission.aspx?con​testid=33921See More

Here are the Top Ten Reasons that you could give ME a vote!

Reason 10. Physically, as you can see by these photos, I am quite beautiful on the outside.

Reason 9. Beautiful on the inside? Well, I haven't ever really yelled or been mean to people, not lately  anyways. Not since 1979 at that casino, or that time in '81 but I was provoked in both matters. And Julien Lennon, I'm really sorry I didn't invite you to the party. I truly was jealous. But I've matured a whole lot since then.

Reason 8  My husband and/or son could give me a shout out. This could make them feel good about themselves for all the sandwiches they forced me to make for the past 14 years. Maybe I WONT pick you up from school! Have you ever though of that? Okay, just kidding, I will still make the sandwiches and pick you up from school (ON Time, even), but see that actually proves how beautiful I am on the inside.

Reason 7 My library pals could give me a shout out - I work for FREE - shall I remind you. Don't you love me? I understand that my tennis pals wouldn't give me a vote, because I beat them on the tennis courts, regularly, and this makes them in a constant state of irritation. So, they can be excused.

Reason 6. Seriously, for someone of my age bracket (with TERRIBLE HOT FLASHES that make me crazy and run around to every vent in the house and to the point that I'm putting my head in the freezer), I still don't look too bad for what I am.

Reason 5. I have former experience. I actually know the former cover model who won it a few years back. Tonja Rodgers and I went to Bible study together. And I agree that she is both beautiful inside and out. Therefore, life is about WHO you know. I even went into Hastings to try and get the giant cardboard mock up of the cover of her, but her husband had already been in there and got it to surprise her. Now that's sweet.

Reason 4.  A couple  of my most famous bookist published buddies should help a fellow Bookist in need. Ah, well, maybe I should have done a blog for the Best Looking Dog Cover. Could have won that one.

Reason 3. It's a dream! Exactly like that Dr. Hook song, if you're old enough to remember it,  "On the Cover of the Rolling Stones," except in this case, it would be me and Murfreesboro Magazine. I was going to insert the video here of Dr. Hook, but they were all drunk in it and cursing, and Naieva doesn't like that. Then, I was going to insert the newer version of Dr. Hook (who is older) singing that song, but he was forgetting the words. The original is sooo great with the whole band. Besides, I couldn't figure out how to insert it. I've just figured out photographs, so you'll just have to UTube it for yourself. It's worth hearing all their songs. I cry every time I hear Sylvia. Dr. Hook is the greatest.

Reason 2. I've lived in many HUGE cities, and I LOVE Murfreesboro and It's HOME! Not ever moving - I hope.

The Number 1 Reason to give me a Vote. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MAGAZINES! Worked for a bunch, love and want to be a part of books and magazines in any capacity. I am Naieva Bookist and my love for MAGAZINES should put me in the lead.

So what are you waiting for?

Maybe if we change the wording a little bit.

Don't miss the opportunity to nominate someone who is Kinda Okay and gets off the couch, and stops watching dance-competition shows long enough to feed the cat or take a photograph of her.
Thanks, ever so much.
By: Naieva Bookist.
Seriously Mom, wait for the Best Cat Cover.

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  1. Hi, there! We met at the Verdasco Bellucci match in Mason, OH and I wanted to check into your blog and see your stuff. Unfortunately, I was too late to vote for you although I do think from my experience sitting and talking with you about artwork and altered books and watercolor and flashbags that you are beautiful outside and in! Will be following your posts and hope you check out my stuff, too. Have a great week!