Monday, April 29, 2013

On the Right Rusty Track with Mike Wolfe

When Mike Wolfe announced  a Book Signing in the Antique Archeology Nashville store, we had to go. My two favorite things combined - Books and Junk
Add a third, Mike Wolfe.
Well, and a fourth - I love Nashville.
And a fifth, my kid went with me.
His latest book: Kid Pickers

It seemed like the perfect fit to have the King of Junk sign the Metal Junk Journal
that I made at the Art-Is-You Retreat.
He liked it so much he showed it to Lauren Wray (who is also on the show).
He said that if I made more, they could sell these in the store.

When you make something, all you see are mistakes like the silver metal is too
heavy and the corners need to be rounded off, etc. 
But, then I thought, if Mike Wolfe likes my Junk Journal, maybe I'm on the Right Rusty Track.
 Nevertheless, it's the signature in the middle of the book that completes it.
 And yes, Friends of the Linebaugh, I did ask him to speak and do a book signing at the library.
You don't ask, you don't get.
But, he was a bit confused by my ATC (Artist Trading Card) as a business card though.


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