Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Secret Case of the True Artist

I decided to listen to sound advice once and travel light. So, I smartly carried only one small paperback instead of the usual suitcase full of books. Not a good idea after all. When my companions got on my last nerve, I had no lovelies to distract me, no art books to lift my spirits, no adventurous Sci-Fi to mull over. Nope, I was stuck in reality with the squabbling hordes. Lesson learned, you'll always find books and a small container of art supplies in my luggage. And, if my Canon EOS isn't on my shoulder, it feels as weird as leaving the house without my purse.
At the Art-Is-You Retreat in Nashville many Artists came from out of town.
Artists carry even more stuff that Bookists.
Is there any room for clothes?
Jeans on Earl Zachary made by Rice.
Clothes are their art! I visited Rice Freeman-Zachery at her Voodoo Cafe and she showed me what's in her and her husband's luggage.
So Dig this one!
She was one of the first to design wearable art.
A skirt that's a Journal.

This luggage spied in another class makes me feel like I didn't bring enough stuff.
But I am leaving with More. I won one of the Best Pieces of Art at the Show!
Judging by this piece, Dawna Kinne Magilacano and I are Kindred Spirits,
It is Aliens Drinking El Cheapo Coffee in a Coffee Shop.
Can't wait to get on the Road Again and see these Creative Folks who make me feel way to Normal.

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  1. A delightful post! All those fascinating suitcases - and a look at Rice's clothes. A real treat!