Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Multi-Tasking Creative Playdates

Pam Carriker's book Creating Art at the Speed of Life is due out in bookstores soon. It's the sequel to Art at the Speed of Life, published in 2010. One great tip from the first book is the Multiple Projects Rule on page 11. Now, my art studio (sheepishly, the garage) has painted watercolor paper drying on the bookcase, journal sewing on the desk, and tennis art journals gluing on the counter. Also, a junk metal caddy in various array for the making of junk journals.
On page 91, she mentions to  "Make a Play date with Yourself."
Which in the Spring of this year, we did just that with Pam Carriker herself.
All my daily drudgery got wiped off the schedule and I stole some of my freedom back and attended the Busting Out Class in Nashville.

Pam happily embraces her new students who, as you can see, are a little stunned and intimidated.


Not to worry, she'll guide us through it.
I just dig all the cool supplies and having a room and time of our own to just create.

Pam demonstrates highlighting techniques with new brushes and paint pens.
The artwork is thoroughly documented. It even went viral.

While the paint is drying, Pam multi-tasks by teaching us a One-Day Art Journal.

Some of her gorgeous pages inside her One-Day Journal.

The Linebaugh Library and I are currently planning a Creative Ladies Day in the Fall. Designed for ladies, because why should kids have all the fun. Plus, this means I'll be multi-tasking a play date. 

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