Thursday, March 3, 2016

Must Have - Matching Journal with Purse

We rather like this one for March.

This vintage Louis Vuitton was uncovered at the Goodwill (we're guessing it's the real deal because it smells all leathery, sewn nicely, and has the name engraved. When I put it in the cart, some lady approached me and said, "If you have second thoughts about that purse, let me know."
     Well, this reaction to it made me want it to buy it even more, plus I already had ready to go, the  journal that would match.
For the journal, I cut up a raggedy LV purse and glued it on a plain book. The belt came from a different purse and attaches by a snap.  I'm always scrounging around yard sales, and this rhino pin had all the right colors and it weighs down the front to stay snugly in place.
To make it more personal, on the inside I glued some of my ATCs (artist trading cards),
and gave it a finishing coat to seal the images.

These small journals go everywhere. I jot down
everything from To-Do lists, doodles, art and writing ideas,
to interesting quotes from authors that we meet.

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