Friday, March 18, 2016

My Coloring Book Contest Entry

Hastings Bookstore Coloring Contest Event

It's so much fun that today there are coloring books for adults. About seven years ago, at a lunch at my sister's house, I spent an hour coloring on her patio and felt like a silly radical. Now, I see that maybe I should have pursued it to publishing. Ah well, the time machine isn't working right now. 
When Hastings Bookstore put up posters for an adult coloring-book contest - I had to join in on the fun. Plus, it would be nice to have the prize. This would make me a paid artist.
I colored the vines, woods and birds with a combination of regular color pencils and a few watercolor pencils. Then, glued the image to a canvas for some stability. I drew, painted, and used magic markers to make the faux frame.
The original coloring book page is to the left.
 We are allowed to alter the image in any way we like.
Since Harry Potter has many wonderful paintings that come to life, I glued pieces of white leather on the bird to make it appear like it's flying out of the frame.

I covered the whole canvas with a sealant to keep everything protected, added a wire on the back to hang. Done.
Hedwig come to life!
It's mailed off and we wish our little artwork Good Luck!

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