Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Friends of the Linebaugh Library Annual Luncheon with Ruta Sepetys

"If you go out and take a photograph today you're sharing the truth," says Ruta Sepetys at the Friends Luncheon January 28th at the Woman's Club.
"Historical novels are important. We all have important family stories.
Take time to think about your story." RS
"In these times of difficulty, we need to see their faces. Through books,
through stories, a statistic becomes a human being." RS
"Searching for story and story comes searching for you." RS
"Readers tell you what your book is about." RS
Her books are published in 53 countries. Translators are her blessing.
This book is about courage and survival. (USA)
It's about identity. (France)
It's about Patriotism. (Spain)
It's about Compassion and Courage. (Japan)
It's about Love. (Italy)
"What is most important is the readers' interpretation." RS
"It represented how Creating Art can Save Lives." Naieva
"Thank you all for coming, our most precious commodity is our time."  RS

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