Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Book Stories: The Rhino Bookstore

We get excited when we uncover funky-interesting Used Bookstores. Ironically, we just said good-bye to Bookman/Bookwoman in Nashville, closing their doors after many years. Just as we bought our last book at Bookwoman (The Old Filth by Jane Gardam - great book by the way), my friend Mary tells us that she wants to check The Rhino Bookstore on Charlotte Pike in Nashville. Well, okay. Didn't know there was one. Turns out they've been there for fifteen years. And it was everything we love.

Cool sign and fun front door.

Coffee shop next door, and of course an Elvis sighting.

A giant Rhino in the Window!

Rhinos everywhere. Who doesn't like Rhinos?

"Does this Selfie make me look fat?"

A couch I could live on with these stuffed Rhinos.

View from the couch. And yes, I may have my feet up.

A signed Hemmingway amongst the stacks of books.

Cute children's section.

Rhinos everywhere. Okay, I may have my feet up again. Now where's my book?

Cats and books go together like Coffee and books.

Cool nooks and crannies.

Head's Up on a Great Bookstore.

To top it all off, a Grey Cat! Okay, we officially LOVE this place.

Now for some coffee and sit down to read our new books.
And Great new News - as we discussed the Old Filth at book-group, we were informed that they have another Rhino Bookstore in Nashville on Granny Pike. Okay, let's check it out. Now, where do you suppose they could find another life-size Rhino for the window?

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