Saturday, October 8, 2011

Merry Christmas to Naieva Bookist!

The epic search at Yard Sales is for fabulous books that cost fifty cents. Many acquisitions make it into the Triangular Bookcase, but others go to used bookstores for credits. With these credits, I get Must-Have Expensive books, and don't worry about the price.

So, today, I wasn't expecting to redesign my living room in a Bookish Fashion. But, there in front of me is two perfect Book-Fabric Reading Chairs. Two Book-Rugs, and a Stacked-Book Coffee table. RUKiddingMe?

But, I don't want to redecorate. It takes a lot of sweat and work to load all this junk into my smallish vehicle. So, I sit in this Book Chair that I KNOW I MUST HAVE and call my husband. He is a reasonable person and will delicately talk me out of it.

He doesn't.

Then, if I needed any further sign. Santa pulls up in a red Van. Merry Christmas to Naieva Bookist!

Consider it Sold!

Autumn Art - a reminder that it isn't December 25th.

After a bunch of lifting, loading, scrunching, pinching my fingers and hitting my head a couple times, my living room is Relax Worthy.

Moving the old stuff out, I uncovered this grey dust ball. Easy with the claws little buddy. By the way, all good Bookists have cats unless they're dog people and write something like Marley and Me.

I also found the hardback copy of Pseudonymous Bosch's latest book for fifty cents.
Amazing, considering he's listed to speak at the Southern Festival of Books this Friday. But, you'll be hearing more about that in a future blog. Gonna stop typing now, I must recline.

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