Sunday, October 30, 2011

Southern Festival of Book - Part III of a Trilogy

The Downtown Nashville Plaza area where the book festival is held extends from the Public Library to the the Court House. They hold book-talk sessions inside these buildings and in many of the underground chambers.

I get my books signed and rush to see Obert Skye. If he is even there?

Rushing through this underground area, I bump into this scary-bearded man. His beard too black and massive for his white skin. I grow less startled when I see he has a baby in a baby stroller. This would have nothing to do with anything, usually, except that when I finally make it, late to the Obert Skye event, he is discussing The Scary Black-Haired Bearded Guy. Is this some sort of altered universe? 
Creepy bearded guy on Obert's latest book.
 Anyway, I am just glad that Obert is visiting Tennessee. After some late rustling, I feel less embarrassed because there aren't many people in this huge room, and they can use me. It's pleasant for us, but Obert is probably thinking, "I've got bunches of series of books, some are going to movies, why am I not packed?" Fear not Obert, the world loves you. It's just one of those odd things that happens in public appearances. When Obert discusses his book, I feel comfortable in holding up a beautiful copy for the group to see its cover.
 As a another book is mentioned, they turn to me to see what it looks like. It fast becomes the Obert Book Group. He finds me amusing, so that's good, because this could also be very annoying.
Nobody gives a Foo that I keep holding up Obert's books.

The books look pretty on the Big Screen. And yes, you can see my copy of them.
It turned out to be an unexpected magical hour as if we were friends sitting in our living room discussing YA literature.

It being the last session on Sunday, there was plenty of time for pictures.
Obert Skye and me.
 Books signed. He gifts everyone book marks and even posters. Of course, I want one of everything.

My sister reconvenes with me. She went to other authors, not caring for Young Adults Novelists. As I'm finish loading my books in the tote, Obert comes over to where we are standing and hands me a T-shirt and says he hopes I could use it. RUKidding Me? Yes, I can use it. I don't unroll it then, I just give him a hug. The best part is my sister, rolling her eyes, thinking, "Why does this keep happening to her. It's really making me sick." What a great moment! And I didn't even ask for a T-shirt, which is the respectable part. Once I get home, I unroll it and it's BEAUTIFUL.
 What a Naieva Bookist Wears!
So, is his name really Obert Skye or perhaps Robert Keys? Well, Robert is a family name, and they nicknamed one of his uncles 'Bert. Being a character, they kept saying, "Oh, Bert." And the family name stuck.
 So, it was another great year at the Southern Festival of Books. 
It being the eve of Halloween eve, I have to go now and get my wings straightened for tomorrow.
By the way, here is Pseudonymous Bosch's real identity. Now you know.

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