Monday, October 24, 2011

Southern Festival of Book - Part II of a Trilogy

My son, in fourth grade, asked for Diary of a Wimpy Kid at a school book sale. That name sounded familiar. I re-look on the SFoB schedule, and that's where I've seen it. Jeff Kinney is speaking. 

A funny little book with all these stick figures.

Kinney is young, cute and funny, but the miraculous part is outside after he's done where there are boys everywhere sitting around crossed-legged reading and chuckling.

As he is signing our copy, I ask him if he'd visit our town, library and schools? He said he couldn't because he still has a day-job. I told him, "I don't want to burst your bubble, but I think you've got a new day job."

A movie and numerous books later, the Kid now has a Giant Bubble at the Southern Festival of Books. A giant bubble is the true sign that you've made it!

Authors sign their books behind the Lopez.

Making friends.

Judy Sierra wrote Wild About Books (why didn't I write that? regret) and now its sort of sequel Zoozical. She's written about 36 more. Marvelous and kind. Makes me want to rush home and send off my work to a publisher immediately.
If I touch her, will some of this fabulous fall off on me?

 The Festival has all the sessions back to back. So, if you want your book signed by Judy Sierra, you'll be late for Matt Phelan and Bob Shea. All festival goers have the same problem, so you feel only a little sheepish when clanging the door behind you in the crowded room.

Matt and Bob have different styles. Bob sends his work electronically, Matt sends originals and then worries.

The fellows explain how it feels to be behind the desk of the greatly published. It feels perfect.
I have to chat with Bob Shea and tell him about his  Big Plans book. A friend of mine just flew off to Africa to tend an orphanage. She asked for children's books. Naieva Bookist, doesn't miss a great opportunity to share some kids books.

 Looking through the stack, we searched for uplifting ones. Coming across Big Plans seemed perfect. So that book (didn't get signed and stuck in the Triangle Bookcase) has much Bigger Plans.

All the while I've stood in line, got books signed, took pictures, I'm missing the Obert Skye's session.  Maybe?  If he's here.

A few months ago, on his website, it said he was speaking at a bookstore in Tennessee. Well, turns out it was a typo and he was actually in Texas.

He is listed, but then so is Pseudonymous Bosch, and he's not here.

And, is Pseudonymous Bosch his real name? 

For that matter, is Obert Skye really Robert Keys?
So many questions.
Will I get this load of books signed after lugging them around all day?

Hopefully, all these burning questions will be answered as successfully as,
 "Can I have a T-shirt" to Chris Bohjalian?

Bye for now.

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