Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here's the rest of the book. Adjusting wording as we go.

Nevertheless, Myrtle demands that this beast go O.U.T Out!

This chicken has added another Adam's-Apple, even though she is female. Trying to figure out how to say this or perhaps the real illustrator will just convey this. The neck needs to be amusing.

Chickenerwauling ensues.

Caterwaul - to make a harsh cry.
 Great word.
Of course this is a chicken, and it must chickenerwaul.

Well then, off to the library to find out what makes a chicken happy.

Mucus rather play soccer than read.

Research shows hens cry out for slick European ensembles.
Stacks of book like Peter Rabbit and the Wind in the Willow should be added.
Their animals always wear vests.

This mother does try to adjust life with this Headstrong chicken.
But, even cashmere can't hide those indelicate droppings.

Myrtle returns it without insisting on a refund.
Not to worry, Headstrong Chickens are resourceful.

The kid is crying because his beloved pet is gone; the mother is crying because it's back.

Dad stays up late to solve the chicken problem.

This page might get the publisher nervous. But seems like it must be said, and things get happier on the next page.

Poor, pitiful Mucus. Stuck at the Dog Pound.
At least she's wearing the latest in bright yellow frocks.

A good illustrator could have fun with the dogs in the pound. It would be nicer to have the dogs look real and forlorn. Nothing is worse for a poor dog then to discover it gets worse, being stuck with a chicken at the dog pound.

No worries, Headstrong Chickens are resourceful.

Once again, the kid's crying because his beloved pet is gone, but the dad is gasping because it's back,
golfing her eggs into the window of the house.

"We want an alpaca! We want an ALPACA!!" Pleaaaase!
Myrtle looks in the rear-view mirror at her beguiled children.
"No alpaca!" says mom.

The Headstrong Chicken is part of the family. The parents have no choice, but at least their wearing matching outfits. Even though a kid gets what he wants, it doesn't mean they stop caterwauling. 
Well, there's no harm in looking.

And this complacent mother heads to the Alpaca Farm.
Of course, this children's book is a trilogy - everything is a trilogy. 
The alpaca is not headstrong and causing trouble; it's albino and toothsome.

This is the back page, I want the chicken to be eating the corner of the book. It would be funny to have Velcro mucus that can be peel off and on.

Back cover. Adding indelicate droppings would not be funny.

That's this book. Just need to tweak the writing, find an agent who thinks I'm funny, sign an illustrator who is oober famous fabulous, get it to the printer, and then sell a million copies in Japan, and then I'll fly there and take photographs of the entire area. All would be so cool. It's just a matter of time.

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