Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Marvelous YOT and Chickens

Serendipity! James Owen, author of Here There Be Dragons, says if you decide on what you really want, the world will conspire to help you. And when Seredendipity happens, I believe him.

If you read the last blog, I had to put the film/slide-to-cd machine learning for My YoT back because I missed the early bird special price. Today, I peeked into Kohl's because it was raining and no yard sales, and to see the latest sale. The machine is cheaper but twenty more than the early bird. I take it to the counter clutching my extra ten dollar coupon from the mail, thinking maybe it will magically be chaper, but it's still not as cheap as an explanation-to-my-husband purchase should be. I am about to tell the cashier that I'll not get it, when a good tennis pal of mind says some smarmy remark at the other register. What is she doing here?

So, I show her what I'm buyig and ask if I should. This one is a bigger and better one than the one at Wal-Mart for almost the price. She's says she knows nothing about these things (meaning technology) and shows me her underwear she just bought for a wedding. Then the lightbulb moment. I point to her purchase and declare, "You have a Kohl's card!" She nods yes. It will save me twenty more percent! So now it's even chaper than the cheap model at Wal-Mart and the early bird special. Well, get out! To add happiness to My YoT, the cashier also hands me a $10 Kohl's cash, and now I can come back and buy a t-shirt.

Now that I have the machine, I'd regretted that last batch of slides in at WalGreens. That's $12 I could have saved, but the phone rings and the clerk can't process the order.

I will learn that machine in a few days; for now, let's get back to the book.

Mucus takes a headstrong lead through lovely begonias, fish pond, delicate roses, and large woman with even larger hats, knocking over the sign Secret Garden Tour. Luckily, she is great ast scaling fences.
That's kind of long. Perhaps something else besides "delicate" roses. I like the hat in the foreground, and we have these Secret Garden Tours here in the 'boro. I just realized I might want to just say - "The walk went well." The picture shows it didn't. But then, I'd lose the opportunity to use the word Begonia. By Jove, I've got it. "The walk went well except for the begonias." Once I put the whole book up here, I'll compiled the changes and post it all afresh.
New caption:
The Walk went well except for the Begonias.

Nevertheless, this was the greatest day ever.
Marco (diff. name t/k) has a pet of his very own, which every kid should have.
 I do believe that every kid should have a pet, doesn't matter what kind. This wordy here is a bit clunky. This should be the center of the book, but in my little JunkArt book, it's the page before the center. But, I'm never counting these 32 pages right and when the fabulous Janell draws this for our book contract, she'll know how to work it out. Maybe keep this wording more simple  - Every kid should have a live pet of their very own to snuggle asleep. Something like that. I'll keep working on it.

Mucus serves to wake up her best friend.
  There is always a tennis reference in my JunkArt books - we're a tennis fanatic family. So in this picture, the eggs are shaped like tennis balls. Later pages, we do have other sports spilled eggs.

Marco can't fault her for that.

Now that's funny - you see, there are faults in tennis and she's holding the egg that resembles a tennis ball egg.

Marco loves his little buddy so much, he hides her indelicaces from his parents.
 This kid is about to be in really big trouble! Of course, he has no idea how eggs smell after a few days of hybernation.

More tomorrow. I'll go hug the boxed machine now.

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