Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Scandalous Section

Happy Times Magazines sold for two cents (for friends), and my only friends were my sisters. My Marketing skills not good, because this wasn't the depression era and two cents got you in the movies, this was 1974ish, and two cents could only get a piece of loose candy at the junk store. The price should have been 49 cents.

I'm a Rat-Pack (Ya, those guys, Sammy, Dean and Frank) Pack Rat (save any piece of paper, photographs, letters, all sorts of ephemera forever) but surprisingly didn't keep any of these magazines where I worked as the writer, editor, illustrator, photographer, producer and publisher. They must have sold out their limited edition! My sister Ruth dug through her old papers and found a bunch and in great condition.

There's everything here that's needed for a great magazine:
contents page, current news, flashback stories, beauty secrets, tennis tips, 
and a help/opinion column called Dear Eva.

"Dear Eva, I like your magazine but I hate those centerfolds. I can't see why
Mickey Mouse should pose for something like that!

"Dear Disappointed, You have to come out from under the rock!
Times have changed for the better. If you don't like the centerfold, tear it
out and give it to a friend who could appreciate it."

"Dear Eva,
 In the March issue a person wrote in about the centerfold.
Well, I want you to know
 I think they're fantastic, and I think you should report on the streakers.
signed, A. Barer."

Answer for this one, "I AGREE!"

Playgirl was a hip thing about this time. Do they even still make anything like this
 - no don't tell me, I am Naieva, and can't stand to know.

So here we are to the Scandalous Section of the Happy Times Magazine - the centerfolds.

This one seems the most scandalous to me.
Perhaps because it's a big fat man.

The only way to get Yogi to pose was to give him a picnic
basket full of food.
This one seems the least scandalous - it's a dog without clothes! What a concept. I do like the airplane in the background with a bubble saying, "What the heck."

Jiminy Cricket was happy to be asked as
St. Patrick's day centerfold. He said, "I'm
perfect for that day since I'm green."

Daffy Duck was so angry when he found out
Bugs Bunny was the centerfold. He was a little
embarrassed, but he knew he could do anything
Bugs could.

I remember seeing this cartoon back in the day, but don't remember his name. It was a take off (oh, that's a pun) of the football player who was the first to pose nude for a magazine.

I must have run out of options for this one.

That's all from Naieva, I think I hear someone calling me.

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