Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There's a slight glitch in my YoT (YearOf Technology). Great word - glitch.

Too late for the early-bird special at Kohl's and it would cost an extra $50 for my slides/film into CD machine, and explaining to Customer Service My YoT didn't convince anyone to give a price adjustment.

My number one excuse for not learning technology is cost! And then it's out of date on the day of purchase. Sitting on the Friends of the Linebaugh board, I'd not considered the computer classes and the buying of new equipment as essential. But, now that I've learned that this stuff is the way of 2011, those who can't afford it, need technology access as much as the next kid.  I always voted to "buy more books."

My sister bought me this PC, by accident, she wanted to buy one for Taylor but this one showed up pink and so it ended up being mine. Serendipity! Meant to be.

All the photographs that I've been taking since 1975 have a cool place to be organized and Petersen Reunion can see. My JunkArt kids books are gathered in one place. I was impressed with Suzanne Fisher Staples use of one little clip for an entire display of her books, and now I see how she did this magic. When Susan Campbell Bartoletti visited in 2001, her work was all on irreplaceable slides and of course the airport lost her luggage (another story for later)! On Facebook, I've become buddies with AMAZING photographers, FAMOUS tennis players and children's AUTHORS. Also, the Cat Lady posts all these fat cat photos that make me giggle. Plus, chronicling Taylor's future tennis career. So, all this stuff is worth the agitation.

The eReader excuses: I can read a book, poor eye-sight, tiring screen. Facebook excuses are more interesting:  the old boyfriend-Voldimort will find you! Eats up time. I've spent 40 years without that nonsense! Let's all just take a long walk and forget about it, silence, instead of clicking. My mother-in-law can't get on Facebook because they don't let her do that at work. Okay, you do go home don't you? Of course, eyesight problems, but we can make the screens as big as we want. And my pals say, "I just don't do that!" which there is no argument.

The Ignore button is genius.

I used to pack TONS, literally, of books in my luggage, even on our honeymoon, I packed the small camper with books instead of food. One time at the airport, my luggage was so overweight, the guy could have charged me $50, but he liked the looks of me and he winked and put it on the roller without complaint.

Here's the Number One rule of My YoT - sift through the AGITATION and keep going, don't listen to the Excuse Voice, he's trying to stop us from having fun and learning.

My eReader is holding my place, so now, Back to my Headstrong Chicken book!

Marco hugs and kisses his beloved pet all the way home.

Kid's name doesn't fit his look.  I do like the butter, mucus dripping and the crazed look in the chicken's eye.

What's a name that rhymes with Mucus?
It's scrawny for a chicken?" says dad.

Like the looks of the chicken, but my drawingss of people suck. Not sure if putting quotes in is such a great idea either. The intention here was how kids insist you look at all their mundaneness, and we're suppose to stand impressed, but we are not.

"Is it even a chicken?" asks mom.

 Dig him eating the Scrabble piece. I'd love it if whoever illustrated this book could use an entire Scrabble theme throughout - don't know if you have to get copyrights for that sort of thing? My famous Amazing future illustrator would know. I dig the Pepto-Bismal pink background - bought box of this color for fifty cents at Yard Sale. You know how comics are yellow, blue, and red. I was trying to achieve that bold dynamic with yellow, pink and brown, and a hint of red. It would probably be cheaper to print using three colors. Beatrice Potter insisted on her work in color, but to keep costs low, she made the books small.
"Even Mucus needs lunch."
Re-wrote this right now and it sounds better. I think the chicken's name as Mucus will stick.

Add caption
Okay getting an agitation! The thing isn't typing and the caption won't load - went out for a walk and got a glass of water AGITATION! s

Okay, I cleared my throat there. I think it's working again. The caption should read something "Corn Leads to Indelicate Dropping."

I think I may loose all the quotes and keep the wording to statements. Flows better. If Janell draws this chicken, I'd like it to look like this but a hint more sinister.

The chicken is going on a Secret Garden Tour tomorrow.

 I'm taking my agitation and leaving. It is nice this thing saves itself - back in the day, if you forgot to save and it tweaked off - it was gone!


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