Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wow, that pencil picture I just uploaded is is so dern BIG! I'll have to change this, but it's probably going to take me an hour of frustration to do it. Keep clicking, keep trying, that is the key of breaking through to My YearOfTechnology frustrations. As Sammy Davis put it, "Yes I Can."

In a technoWorld, I have a pencil fetish - so I don't mind that being so big. How does one have a pencil fetish? Well, you just do if you do. Bookgroup novels are read with a pencil in hand, circling great words or well-put sentences and if I love-or-hate ideas putforth. You see, I'd probably circle "Putforth." What a great word, at lease it should be a word. So there you go, putforth will be added to Merriam-Webster's dictionary in 2016.

When James Owen, author of Here There Be Dragons, visited the 'boro, we stood there sniffing the ink of a new book. InkBook Fetish. Finally, I've found my people! Magazines smell really good too.

Also, I received a strong mind-meld message while I was planning dinner for him at my house (and other library friends). I've learned from decorating magazine, it's all in the details for a sucessful dinner party (Taylor and I both hate the word supper by the way, two many Ps and not lovely Ns as in dinner). I'm just hoping my accomplished guests don't notice the details of all the cat fur in the corners behind the doors. Anyway, at Kroger, I reached for Vernors. Vernors? I should be at the wine store and getting some great vintage. I put it back on the shelf knowing that this isn't sophisticated for important people, but this mind meld is insisting that I get more than two bottles. Whenever I ignore this inner voice, I'm sorry. So, to challenge this thinking (really, I'll show you! attitude) I put four large bottles in the cart.

Well, who knew but the guy has a Vernors fetish and the dinner was a success. At the end of the evening, I brought out some large cardstock and we drew a few pictures for fun (this was just a trick because I wanted to have a James Owen drawing of my very own). It was sweet that James took mine and Taylor's home with him (I can get my mother-in-law to even take a present with her).

Okay, right now I'm going to try really hard and figure out how to post Jame's drawing. If you don't hear from me again, I've lost to SiberSpace.

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